The HMK Education and Welfare Society was established in 1970 mainly to cater to the educational and social welfare of the biradiri members. The Society has done yeoman service in the field of education by offering scholarships to the meritorious students, arranging literary competitions and organising lectures.

Of late, a great source of worry for the parents is to select a suitable course or profession for their wards. Engineering field has become saturated what with a lakh of seats in colleges go abegging every year. The Medical field has very limited number of seats available in the general unreserved category which makes it tough to get in. There are many other fields and avenues in which there is plenty of scope vis-a-vis placements and job opportunities. Unfortunately, either most parents are unaware of the potential of those fields or are wary of entering an uncharted territory.

Precisely for this reason, a meeting of the college teachers of our community was held recently to discuss about the scenario and if counselling the biradiri youth would help them in choosing a better career option to suit their interests and capabilities.

We are lucky to have over three dozen highly qualified college teachers specialized in varied fields in our community who can render valuable advice to our youngsters. To bring all these academicians under one umbrella, a body - The HMK College Teacher's Forum - was conceptualized as a special wing under the HMKEWS.

Since it is rather difficult to get in touch with all the children, it was decided to have a web interface to address that issue. We would be updating a list of biradiri teachers along with their field of specialisation, contact number and email ids to enable direct contact with them.

Besides counselling, the committee intends to have other activities such as

  • Requesting expert teachers to provide brief write ups about career options related to their field
  • Arranging lectures and seminars by inviting experts
  • Providing add-on-bridge courses to supplement their convention courses
  • Conducting classes in Spoken English, Soft Skills, Communication and Management Skills.
There is plenty of latent talent in our youngsters which needs to be channelised properly. It is earnestly hoped that our children will make use of this opportunity.